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16/03/2018 - Tác giả: Grando

The demand for aluminum profiles is increasing. However, not everyone can choose for themselves the right supplier, the right aluminum, where to buy? How to buy ... Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you more easily choose and buy the best products from Do Thanh.

1. I want to order the required mold, what is the policy of the factory?
Answer: Customers send a request for the design drawings to the company. After the two parties agree on the drawing and mold opening cost, the request for mold opening will be made.

2. I am a factory outside the province that wants to buy Grando aluminum?
Answer: Do Thanh Aluminum Joint Stock Company has distributors and agents throughout the provinces and cities nationwide. If you have a need for Grando aluminum, you can go directly to the nearest distributor or dealer. In addition, in case you do not know the information about the distributor or agent, please contact directly via hotline: 0917.522.222 for direct support.

3. How do I contact the Factory when I need product and purchase support?
Answer: Customers can contact via: hotline: 0917.522.222 or customer care service via fanpage: Grando Aluminum or Website:

4. Why is Grando aluminum cheaper compared to imported aluminum?
Answer: There are many different aluminum manufacturers on the market, including imported aluminum products and domestically produced aluminum. However, domestically extruded products are not taxed as high as imported aluminum, so the product cost will be lower.

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