About us


About us

Do Thanh Aluminum Factory, founded in 1994, has emerged as a leading company in producing and distributing high-end aluminum profile products. The factory has now equipped nine extrusion lines, three electrostatic painting lines, and anod plating lines that produce about 20,000 tons of finished aluminum annually.

In 2015, After long research, Do Thanh Aluminum Factory launched the brand of high-end aluminum profile – Grando. Grando Aluminum brand is considered a Do Thanh Aluminum factory breakthrough to show its brand class. After only a short operation, Grando has resonated in the market with its outstanding quality and exquisite design. Grando is proud to be a Vietnamese brand worthy of international aluminum brands.

Workforce scale

To achieve such proud achievements in addition to the best efforts of the factory management, the employees are also a key part contributing to the company's development. Currently, Do Thanh Aluminum Joint Stock Company has more than 600 employees, including:

  • 25% of employees have university degrees.
  • 30% of employees have college degrees.
  • The rest are skilled employees.

Do Thanh Aluminum Factory owns a team of young, enthusiastic staff with deep expertise. In particular, many engineers are trained by foreign experts. The factory also focuses on building a team of skilled employees with attractive policies and remuneration. At the same time, the factory organizes free training and vocational courses and promotes and raises the creative spirit in production labor. Since then, improving the productivity of employees and the quality of finished products.

Production scale

Do Thanh Aluminum Factory, established in 1994, has become a leading entity in manufacturing and distributing high-quality extruded aluminum products. The factory has now equipped 9 extrusion lines, 3 electrostatic painting lines, and anod plating lines that produce about 20,000 tons of finished aluminum products/per year.

Applicable standards

The product lines of Do Thanh Aluminum Company meet Vietnam construction standards and have been granted a Certificate of conformity by the Institute of Building Materials – Ministry of Construction. It was a great honor when the company received many noble rewards such as the Gold Cup for Vietnam brand (2009, 2011), the Gold Cup for the national strong brand, the Gold Cup for Vietnam industrial brand, GIC organized Certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, The Directorate for Standards, Metrology, and Quality certifies that products conform to IEC 6362/1-5: 1986-1991 standards (TCVN 5838-1994, TCVN 5842-1994), etc. This is an honor and pride of all Do Thanh Aluminum factory employees to affirm our brand in the domestic market and reach out to affirm the talent of Vietnamese people in the international market.

Business system

With the "QUALITY OF PRODUCTS IS A SURVIVAL OF THE COMPANY" policy, Do Thanh Aluminum Joint Stock Company has affirmed its position through direct and indirect distributors stretching from North to South of Viet Nam. With the vision of bringing the Grando brand into a national brand, going to the factory will export to Asian and European markets, etc.

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