Diverse Applications of Grando Aluminum

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Diverse Application of Grando Aluminum
With the variety of methods of use, Grando aluminum profiles are the most popular material in life, industry and construction. As a unit with long-term experience in the aluminum industry, Do Thanh specializes in manufacturing and supplying aluminum profiles with high quality standards, widely applied in social life.

1. Shaped aluminum for interior applications
Aluminum is a widely used material, evaluated by experts and architects as a green, environmentally-friendly material line, making many changes in the design of home office furniture such as: wardrobe coat, shoe shelf, bookshelf, dining table, kitchen shelf, bathroom shelf, ... With the traditional wood grain color and white white white wood grain color, compared to many other materials, the aluminum interior is durable. higher, suitable for all environmental conditions. In the condition of solar radiation or acid rain, aluminum nooii is difficult to oxidize, yellow or aging. Effective heat insulation, sound insulation, and flame retardant. Easy to clean, high-strength cleaning with less damage so can save costs on product depreciation and maintenance. So the use of aluminum interior is quite a lot of space to choose and reliable.

2. Aluminum profiles in industry
With high strength, good oxidation resistance. Aluminum profile bar is an effective material when designing cargo conveyors. Not only that, this aluminum line is also used as shelves, shelves for indoor units, aviation items, ... With its easy-to-work, malleable, aluminum profile offers many new and bright applications. created in life. Making decorative objects, making railing bars, clothes drying bars, curtains ... help a lot in daily life for users.

3. Aluminum profiles in construction
Thanks to the multi-function offering many usability benefits, the profile aluminum has become completely the most popular door material in the construction industry. Applications for doors, aluminum and glass windows, skylights, facades, partitions ... are very diverse in methods of use. Due to its outstanding features, Grando shaped aluminum doors also create sound insulation, effective insulation to save electricity and maintain maintenance costs for high aesthetics. If you do not know which aluminum supplier to choose from, come to Grando. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are confident to bring customers quality, durable and practical aluminum profiles.

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