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Solar accessories - Solar battery accessories are extremely important equipment in solar PV installation.

They help the solar system be sure, increase aesthetics, ensure safety, stability for operation and operation.

Accessory details
Solar Grando aluminum accessories include shaped aluminum bar, sandwiched between the battery plate, the bottom clamp of the battery plate, the foot L of the corrugated iron roof, the leg L of the tile roof, the Cliplock clamp ...

Rail rod

Rail bar is a type of accessories for installing gantry frames, racking solar panels. The solar power system is durable and sturdy or not depends a lot on the frame system

The product can be used for tile or corrugated iron roofs and the size can be placed depending on the purpose of use.

Rail connection
Used to connect 2 short rails on the solar battery rig together.

Middle clamp
Helps fix, link 2 panels next to each other on a more solid aluminum rack, bracket or rail.

Border clamp
Edge clamp, also known as end clamp and outer clamp, is used to clamp solar panels at the end of each row of panels.

Legs L
Help to fix the aluminum rail on the corrugated iron roof securely and safely.

An indispensable device in the solar battery accessory, is the latch to fix the accessories together.

Accessories Solar battery is made from monolithic imported aluminum billets from Korea, Taiwan, with alloy marks 6063 and 6005.

- Surface: Anodized

- Anti-corrosion: Good

- Withstand wind power 60m / s, impact force 1.4KN / m2 Standard: AS / NZS 1170.2 & JIS C 8955: 2011

- The thermal expansion is very low.

Dimensions are more accurate than steel manual clamps.

- Easier installation saves labor and construction time of the solar energy system.

Address supplying prestigious Solar accessories.
All solar accessories of Do Thanh Aluminum Joint Stock Company are manufactured using advanced technology with materials that are processed to increase resistance to oxidation, good bearing capacity and protect the system from the impact of the environment. hard.

All accessories have undergone stringent processing and testing to be brought to the market.

As a company with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, products with competitive prices, are chosen by many leading enterprises in Vietnam to cooperate.

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