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Raw materials are the first factor determining the quality of a product. So to have a good quality product, ensure safety and durability, first of all the input materials must meet the standard.

Do Thanh Aluminum Company uses aluminum billets imported Korea and Taiwan. With the 6063 and 6005 aluminum mac with high durability, toughness, strong impact resistance, extremely good resistance to abrasion.

Aluminum billet is cast a cylindrical round bar called Billet, suitable for making extruded products.

This aluminum alloy has high durability, in addition to its application in mechanical fabrication, construction works, Billet aluminum is also used in the manufacturing industry and equipment in the aerospace, ..

Photo 1: Input materials are cast in a cylindrical round bar called Billet

What is aluminum alloy?

Aluminum alloy is a combination of aluminum with other elements such as silicon, iron, copper, magnesium, ... has good plasticity, melting point is convenient for production.

In addition, aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion, high strength, good polishability, and does not fade over time, widely used in construction architecture, industry and some consumer goods. .

Aluminum alloy properties

Aluminum 6063

Aluminum alloy 6063 is durable, sturdy, resistant to strong impacts, extremely resistant to abrasion. Aluminum alloy 6063 is weldable, has good machinability and formability.

Very suitable for a number of industries such as: manufacturing machinery and equipment in the aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, machinery manufacturing, mechanical fabrication, and construction industries. , ...

Aluminum 6005

High strength, good abrasion resistance, convenient for welding and machining. Besides, the shaping ability of 6005 aluminum alloy is extremely good. It is a widely used and very popular type of aluminum alloy.

Used for all structural applications such as: aviation, semiconductors, jigs and fixtures. It can also be used for mechanical and automation components, food molds and fabrication molds.

Photo 2: Aluminum alloy 6063 and 6005 are high quality workpieces with outstanding durability for the product.

Quality input materials, creating quality finished products

The product after being extruded high quality Billet aluminum creates shiny aluminum profiles, sturdy and outstanding durability.

(Photo 3: Aluminum bars after being extruded 6063 and 6005 billets)

Some finished products after finishing:

(Photo 4: Solid hydraulic door, frame design embraces the whole glass panel, helping the door withstand impact and strong impacts outside)

(Photo 5: The barricade door is made of sturdy aluminum material to maximize the security of the door set)

(Photo 6: Permal doors create aesthetic value for aluminum and glass doors)

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