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-1994: founded Capital company (02/05/1994).

building an aluminium bar factory in an industrial Town, Phu Gia Lam, Ha Noi.

Two lines of extruded aluminium bar presses (machines for 660 and 880) and plated chains

               Anod in operation.

-2008: convert to limited liability company into a joint-stock companies Capital Aluminium.

installation of more lines of extrusion presses Tuesday and static electricity 3,000 tons/year.

continue to expand production, extrusion lines for laying pressed Wednesday (1400T Machine).

-2012: installation of extrusion lines for pressed 5.

installation of extrusion lines for pressed 6 raising the output of the plant reached 8,000 tons/year.

the finished product warehouse with an area of 3,200 m2.

              Installation of an additional line capacity Paint 400 tons/month.

launches high-grade aluminium brand Grando.

installation of extrusion lines for pressed Saturday bringing the total factory output reached 12,000 tons/year.

-2017: 7000 m2 expansion investment workshop to raise total production factory

              reach 15,000 tons/year.